- COMMELL has released QM87 Express chipset Mini-ITX Platform(2013.11.07)
- COMMELL has released Q87 Express chipset Mini-ITX Platform(2013.09.17)
- COMMELL has released MPX-2515 CAN 2.0B USB card(2013.01.24)
- COMMELL has released 3 new embedded board with QM77 / Q77 chipset (2012.09.25)
- COMMELL announces LE-37A 3.5 Miniboard with Celeron 847E/827E/807UE Platform (2012.07.27)
- COMMELL announces the 3rd ATOM Cedarview Platform(2012.05.08) 
- COMMELL announce LP-180 Pico-ITX with AMD Embedded G-T56N APU(2012.02.17)
- COMMELL announce Redundant 2U Rackmount system(2012.01.31)
- COMMELL announce LE-380 3.5" Miniboard with AMD Embedded G-T56N APU(2011.12.15)
- COMMELL Expands its Mini-PCI Family with VGA &  Video capture card (2011.11.03)
- COMMELL announces GPIO & Serial converter module(2011.10.14)
- COMMELL launched a series of SBC with Q67 & QM67 chipset(2011.08.31) 

COMMELL announces QM67 Express chipset Mini-ITX Platform(2011.06.17)
- COMMELL is releasing QM57 PICMG 1.3 Full-size CPU card (2011.05.23)
- COMMELL offer Windows Embedded Standard 2009 for all motherboards (2011.03.24) Seo
- COMMELL Expands its Mini-PCIe Family with new Video capture & DIO product (2011.03.14)
- COMMELL Micro-ATX designed for Intel Core i7/i5/i3 LGA1156 (2011.01.20)

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