HE-842 (Discontinue)

Half-size ISA-bus Embedded NS Geode CPU Card
with Embedded NS Geode GX1 300 MHz CPU, Onboard 64 MB SDRAM
LVDS/TTL Flat Panel / CRT SVGA, 10/100 Mbps LAN, AC97 3D Audio
PC/104, DiskOnChip Interface and RS-232/422/845 Serial and USB Port





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COMMELL's HE-842 is an industrial embedded single board computer based on NS Geode platform, provides the 300 MHz of computing capacity at the low power, embedded, x86-compliant architecture for the industrial embedded computers.

With NS Geode platform and high integration, COMMELL's HE-842 offers the value embedded computing platform for low power, low profile, fan free, mobile industrial applied computing applications based on industrial standard form factor of half-size ISA CPU card / slot PC. The low power consumption and high integration make HE-842 be the ideal solution for industrial embedded applications with the features as below.

  • Low Power Embedded Computing Platform : based on NS Geode x86-compliant architecture, the HE-842 offers the 300 MHz of speed at ultra low power for embedded / fan free computing platform.

  • Onboard 64 MBytes SDRAM : The onboard embedded SDRAM let HE-842 be the low profile solution with space-/slot-saving for system configuration. It also makes HE-842 be the rugged and vibration-proof solution with embedded CPU and memory. 

  • LVDS/TTL Flat Panel Interface : The integrated LVDS/TTL interface offers the digital video output for flat panel with built-in VGA controller and 4 MB video memory. 

  • DiskOnChip Interface : The onboard 32-pin DiskOnChip socket supports M-systems DiskOnChip Solid State Disk (SSD) with 8 Kbytes of memory window and up to 578 MB of flash memory capacity. 

  • All-In-One Integrated Solution : HE-842 is an all-in-one computing platform with integrated video, audio, LAN, PC/104 and RS422/485 interfaces.

  • Embedded OS Support : The NS Geode platform supports the popular embedded OS including Microsoft WinCE, embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks and other popular embedded OS for the industrial embedded applications.

  • Long Term Supply : Not as 486 and 586 based systems, the NS Geode is the SOC (System On Chip) solution. The feature makes HE-842 free from the storage of cache SRAM, video memory and other material. In the other word, the HE-842 can be supply as long as the NS Geode chipset.


  Key Feature

  • Embedded low power computing platform with NS Geode GX1 300 MHz CPU

  • Onboard 32/64 MB SDRAM for embedded / anti-vibration / low profile embedded applications

  • Standard half-size ISA bus CPU card / slot PC for upgrade of industrial embedded systems

  • Integrated LVDS/TTL flat panel SVGA interface with 2D engine and 4 MB video memory

  • Integrated AC97 3D audio, 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interface.

  • Embedded PC/104 interface for 8/16-bit ISA-based PC/104 embedded peripheral modules. 

  • Onboard 32-pin DiskOnChip interface support M-systems DiskOnChip2000 embedded solid state disk. Flash memory capacity up to 576 MB with 8 KBytes of memory window and ECC / EDC error correction.

  • Popular embedded OS including Microsoft WinCE, embedded Linux, VxWorks, QNX supported for industrial mainstream applications



  • Form Factor: Half-size ISA-bus embedded CPU card / slot PC 

  • CPU: onboard embedded NS Geode GX1 300 MHz CPU

  • DRAM: Onboard optional 32/64 MB SDRAM and one low profile 144-pin SO-DIMM socket supports additional 256 MB SDRAM. Total memory capacity up to 320 MB.

  • PCI Enhanced IDE: Dual Channels support 4 ATAPI devices up to UltraDMA/33 with 33 Mbps of data transfer rate. One 40-pin and one 44-pin IDE Port for 2.5" notebook-size HDD, slim CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW and cable free DOM (DiskOnModule).

  • VGA Interface: NS Geode CS5530A built-in VGA controller with 2D engine and 4 MB of video memory shared with system.

  • Flat Panel Interface: Integrated 18-bit LVDS and TTL panel interface for TFT display.

  • LAN Interface: 10/100BASE-Tx Fast Ethernet interface

  • Audio Interface: AC97 3D audio interface

  • Multiple I/O Ports: 2 COM, 1 Parallel and 4 USB ports. Jumper selectable RS-422/485 serial port

  • SSD: onboard M-systems DiskOnChip solid state disk on 32-pin DIP socket and 40-/44-pin IDE interface for IDE-based M-systems IDE Pro and/or DiskOnModule (DOM) flash disk. The flash memory capacity up to 576 MB on DiskOnChip (DOC) and 512 MB on DiskOnModule (DOM)

  • Expansible Interface: one 8/16-bit ISA-based PC/104 interface

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  Ordering Guide



Half-size ISA Embedded Geode CPU Card with Embedded NS GX1-300 MHz CPU, 64 MB SDRAM, LVDS/TTL/CRT SVGA, Audio, LAN, PC/104 and DOC Interfaces


Same as above but with onboard 32 MB SDRAM (For OEM Project)


Other Configuration Based on HE-842 Platform with Customized CPU (NS Geode GX1 200/233/266 MHz CPU), SDRAM, Onboard Interfaces and Pre-installed WinCE (For OEM Project)


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