5.25" Drive Size EBX Embedded Eden Miniboard
with VIA Eden 667/533/400 MHz CPU, Onboard 128/256 MB SDRAM
LVDS/TTL Flat Panel / CRT 3D SVGA, Dual 10/100 Mbps LAN, AC97 3D Audio
PC/104-plus, CompactFlash Interfaces and 4 COM, 2 LPT, 4 USB Ports







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COMMELL's LE-562 is an industrial embedded single board computer based on VIA Eden platform, provides the advanced 667/533/400 MHz of computing capacity at low power, embedded, x86 processor architecture for the industrial embedded computers.

With VIA Eden platform and high integration, COMMELL's LE-562 offers the value embedded computing platform for high speed, compact, low profile, low power, fan free, mobile industrial applied computing applications based on industrial standard 5.25" drive size of form factor. The high integration and flexible expansibility of onboard LVDS/TTL flat panel / CRT, dual LAN, Audio, CompactFlash, PC/104-plus interfaces make LE-562 be the ideal solution for industrial embedded applications with the features as below.

  • Advanced Embedded Computing Platform : advanced 686 level VIA Eden platform with 667/533 MHz of speed at 133 MHz of FSB, provides the advanced computing capacity for embedded systems.

  • Low Power / Fan Free Solution : based on the latest .13 micron of IC manufacturing procedure, VIA Eden platform is operating at the lowest voltage of only 1.05 to 1.2 volts. It makes LE-562 be the ideal solution with low power consumption for embedded, fan free and mobile applications.

  • LVDS/TTL Flat Panel Interface : The integrated LVDS/TTL interface offers the digital video output for flat panel including TFT and DSTN flat panels with built-in S3 Savage4 3D VGA controller and 8/16/32 MB shared video memory.

  • Compact Flash Interface : The onboard CompactFlash socket offers the Solid State Disk (SSD) interface for installation of embedded OS, driver and AP with economical Compact Flash Card (CFC) or IBM MicroDrive.

  • Embedded OS Support : The Eden platform supports the popular embedded OS including Microsoft WinCE and embedded OS for the industrial embedded applications.

  • PC/104-plus Interface : The PCI-based PC/104-plus interface offers the flexible expansibility with add-in PC/104-plus embedded peripheral modules for field applications.


  Key Feature
  • Powerful embedded computing capacity with VIA Eden 667/533/400 MHz CPU at 686 level standard x86 architecture

  • Onboard 128/256 MB SDRAM for embedded / anti-vibration / low profile embedded applications

  • Standard EBX format factor for upgrade of industrial embedded systems

  • Integrated advanced 4xAGP SVGA interface with 128-bit GUI, 3D/2D engine and 8/16/32 MB video memory

  • Built-in 36-bit dual channel LVDS / TTL flat panel interface for POS/POI, panel PC, kiosk, ATM, LCD PC, transaction workstation and other industrial / embedded application

  • Integrated dual 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interface

  • 4 serial and 2 parallel ports for POS / multiple I/O application. Jumper selectable +5V/+12V power pin on RS-232 serial port supports cable free RS-232 devices for POS and panel PC system integration.

  • Expansible Interface: one 32-bit PCI-based PC/104-plus and 8/16-bit ISA-based PC/104 interface support PC/104-plus and PC/104 embedded peripheral module. One PCI expansive slot supports up to 2 PCI add-on cards via an additional riser card

  • Integrated CompactFlash type-II interface supports CFC (Compact Flash Card) and IBM MicroDrive SSD (Solid State Disk) with flash memory capacity up to 1 GB.

  • Popular embedded OS (Microsoft WinCE and embedded Linux) supported for industrial mainstream applications


  • Form Factor: 5.25" Drive Size EBX Miniboard, 146 x 203 mm or 5.75" x 8.00" 

  • CPU: onboard embedded VIA Eden 667/533/400 MHz CPU at 133 MHz of FSB

  • DRAM: Onboard 128/256 MB PC133 SDRAM and one 168-pin DIMM slot supports additional 512 MB SDRAM. Total memory capacity up to 768 MB.

  • PCI Enhanced IDE: Dual Channels support 4 ATAPI devices up to UltraATA/100 with 100Mbps of data transfer rate. One 40-pin and one 44-pin IDE Port for 2.5" notebook-size HDD, slim CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW and cable free DOM (DiskOnModule).

  • VGA Interface: VIA/S3 Twister PN133T chipset integrated Savage4 SVGA controller with 128-bit 3D/2D engine and 8/16/32 MB of video memory.

  • Flat Panel Interface: Integrated 36-bit dual channel LVDS/TTL flat panel interface.

  • LAN Interface: Dual 10/100BASE-Tx Fast Ethernet interface

  • Audio Interface: AC97 3D audio interface

  • Multiple I/O Ports: 4 COM, 2 Parallel and 4 USB ports. Jumper selectable RS-422/485 serial port and +5V/+12V power pin

  • SSD: onboard CompactFlash Type-II socket support CFC (Compact Flash Card) and IBM MicroDrive up to 1 GB of solid state flash disk

  • Expansible Interface: one 32-bit PCI-based PC/104-plus and 8/16-bit ISA-based PC/104 interface support PC/104-plus / PC/104 embedded peripheral module. One PCI expansive slot supports up to 2 PCI add-on cards via an additional riser card

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  Ordering Guide


5.25" EBX Embedded Eden Miniboard with onboard VIA Eden 533 MHz CPU, 128 MB SDRAM, LVDS/TTL/CRT SVGA, Audio, Dual LAN, PC/104-plus, CF Interfaces and 4 COM Ports


Same as LE-562VL2-128 but with onboard 256 MB SDRAM


Same as LE-562VL2-128 but without Onboard SDRAM


Other Configuration Based on LE-562 Platform with Customized CPU (VIA Eden 667, 400 MHz or EBGA C3 800 MHz), SDRAM, Onboard Interfaces and Pre-installed WinCE for OEM Project


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