COMMELL Customized ODM / OEM Service

In order to meet the market's real demand and provide the suitable solution, COMMELL offers the board level and system / barebone level industrial PC customized design and integration service for the IPC market. Based on COMMELL's professional ODM/OEM service, the customers will earn the competitive advantages with the effective reduction of the TSC (Total System Cost) and time-to-market. 

Not only for the S/I (System Integrator), COMMELL also offers the ODM/OEM service to the VAR (Value Added Reseller), VAI (Value Added Integrator), the world-wide and/or local IPC distributors and customers. "Help the customers built up their own advantages" is COMMELL's ODM/OEM conception, and it is also the mission of service the industrial PC market.

COMMELL's ODM/OEM service is based on the PC-based (x86 CPU architecture) board and system for the a wide range of industrial application. It includes, but not limits as the below. 

ODM Service for Complete Customized Design and Manufacturing
- PC-based x86 CPU Architecture Industrial Motherboard and Peripheral Daughter Board
- Industrial PICMG 1.0 / 1.3 , ISA, PISA, PCI, NLX, AT, ATX SBC (Single Board Computer)
- Industrial 5.25" (EBX) / 3.5" / 2.5" Drive-size Embedded Miniboard
- Industrial PC/104(-plus) Embedded CPU and Peripheral Module (Embedded Modular PC)
- Industrial COM express / ETX Embedded CPU Module and Customized Carrier Board
- Industrial AT/ATX, Mini-ITX or Customized Motherboard
- Industrial 3U/6U CompactPCI CPU Board, Backplane and PMC Module
- Industrial ISA, PISA, and 32-bit/64-bit PCI PICMG Passive/Active Backplane
- Industrial Heavy-duty Steel / Aluminum / Plastic Chassis and Enclosure
OEM Extensive Production Service Based on Standard Product
Single Board OEM Service
- Upgradeable, Removable, Replaceable Component and/or Accessories Modified Production
- Rename, Repacking, or Customized Indicated Accessories and/or Peripherals Production
- Customer Indicating Cable and/or Bracket Kit Modify and Manufacture
- Pre-installed Embedded OS Porting (Microsoft Windows XP Embedded)
Barebone / System Configuration and Integration OEM Service
- Upgradeable, Removable, Replaceable Accessories Modified and/or Add-on Production
- Swappable IDE/SCSI SCA2 Drive Bay, Slim CD/DVD-ROM/RW/Combo Drive Kit
- N+1, 1+1, Mini-Redundant, DC/DC, 1U/2U, Open Flame Power Supply
- CPU, RAM, HDD, FDD, CD/DVD-ROM/RW, DAT, and Other Devices Installation and Test
- Customer Indicating Add-on Cards, Peripheral, OS Installation and Completed System Test

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