Low Profile 1U Pentium  III Rugged CPU Cooler

     For Intel Pentium   III Platform

Ultra Low Profile 1U CPU Cooler
 with 25.5 mm of Height with Cooling Fan
 Intel Desktop Pentium III





Heat Sink Material

Aluminum 6063-T5


60 x 60 x 25.5 mm (L x W x H)

Total Height above Motherboard: 25.5 mm (Meet 1U Systems)

Cooling Fan Speed

5,000 RPM (Optional other rotation for OEM)

Cooling Fan Air Flow

21.46 CFM

Noise (with Heat Sink)

36 08dB(A)

Cooling Fan Power

+12V DC Power Input

Cooling Fan Bearing

One Ball One Sleeve Bearing

Operating Temp.

-10 to 70oC

Storage Temp.

-40 to 80oC

Cooling Fan MTBF

30,000 hrs Continuous Operating under 25oC / 65% RH

Cooling Fan Safety



Total Weight: 102 g (with Compete Package)




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