PoE+ Powered Device Module

           -IEEE802.3at/af compliant

           -With an isolated power supply using synchronous Flyback topology

           -Supports DC output 5V/4.7A or 12V/1.9A

           -Supports 1Gb/s Ethernet

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 Mechanical  &  Environmental
 Interface :

 RJ45 for connecting with PSE

 Internal 12-pin head for connecting

 with powered board  

 Internal 2-pin terminal block for DC

 power of powered board

 Dimensions :  70.0mm x 40.0mm (L x W)
 Power Requirement  37V to 57V from PSE
 Temperature :  Operating within -40℃~+125℃
 Storage within -40℃~+125℃
 Document :  Manual ,Datasheet

Please contact your local vendors to inquiry the OEM M/B for the board (e.g., LP-173 or LP-176)   solution assemble with ADP-PD .

 Ordering Code
 ADP-PD-5V  IEEE802.3at/af compliant with DC output 5V/4.7A
 ADP-PD-5V-02  Same as ADP-PD-5V, with miniPCIe MPX-350
 ADP-PD-5V-03  Same as ADP-PD-5V, with miniPCIe MPX-210D
 ADP-PD-12V  IEEE802.3at/af compliant with DC output 12V/1.9A
 ADP-PD-12V-02  Same as ADP-PD-12V, with miniPCIe MPX-350
 ADP-PD-12V-03  Same as ADP-PD-12V, with miniPCIe MPX-210D




 Optional Cable

OALPoE-02  For COMMELL mini card MPX-350

OALPoE-03 For  COMMELL mini card MPX-210D

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