Mini-ITX Mobile Intel Pentium M Embedded Motherboard

Mini-ITX Pentium M Embedded Motherboard (170 x 170 mm)
Intel mPGA478 Pentium M (Fan Free Operating)@ 400 MHz FSB
Intel 855GME and ICH4 Chipset
1 GB DDR 266/333 DDR SDRAM 
Intel 855GME GMECH Built-in Extreme Graphics with 256-bit 3D Engine
Intel Dynamic Video Memory up to 64 M Bytes / 40-pin LVDS LCD connector
Onboard Intel 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet controller
Onboard PCMCIA Type I/II slot
Onboard Intel ICH4 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Interface
Onboard 5.1-Channel

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COMMELL LV-671 is an all-in-one industrial compact Pentium M level Mini-ITX platform  based on Intel 82855GME and 82801DB Chipset, which offers a highly integrated low power, high performance chipset solution that has been optimized to support the IntelŪ PentiumŪ M processor running at 2000+ MHz, high speed DDR memory, integrated graphics controller with Intel Extreme Graphics 2 dual independent displays , The integrated display controller comes with up to 64 MB of dynamic video memory allocation and Single- or Dual-channel LVDS panel support up to UXGA resolution.

The LV-671 comes with floppy, PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse, 2 x RS232C, UltraATA 100 EIDE and IrDA interface on-board, Networking is provided by Intel 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet. Six USB ports and 5.1 channel Audio are also integrated. A Mini-PCI slot is available for system expansion that can hold all types of Mini-PCI modules, for more feature extension such as Centrino-like wireless LAN, DES, modem or capture card. To Meet the requirement of different display interface, LV-671 provides the optional Mini-AGP slot to use Mini-AGP add-on card. Additionally, LV-671 is also equipped with PCMCIA and CompactFalsh Interface for easily using any communication and memory card. 

The single DC supply is another important feature for embedded system integrator.  COMMELL LV-671 is requiring 12VDC  or  19VDC only, Moreover, The board features a protective design to prevent when input voltage rises up to unexpectedly voltage.


Key Feature
  • Ultra compact  MiniITX form factor at 170 x 170mm (W x L) of dimension

  • Intel 855GME GMECH built-in Intel Extreme Graphics 2 with 266 MHz VGA core, 256-bit 3D/2D graphic engine and Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology up to 64 MB shared with system memory

  • High memory capacity with 1 GB DDR 266/333 SDRAM

  • Onboard single / dual channel 18-/24-bit LVDS interface for TFT LCD

  • Mini-AGP socket supports DVI / HDTV (Intel 855GME basis) and 4xAGP VGA add-in module (Intel 855GME basis)

  • PCI, Mini-PCI, and PCMCIA type-II PC card interface

  • Integrated Intel 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet interface

  • One 40-pin and one 44-pin IDE port for both of desktop and slim type ATAPI devices

  • Integrated AC97 3D 5.1-Channel & S/P DIF audio interface

  • IDE-based DiskOnModule and CompactFlash embedded flash disk interface

  • External DC jack with +12V or +19V DC input (with external AC/DC adapter)




Form Factor
Mini-ITX form factor at 170 x 170 mm
Micro-FCPGA Mobile Intel Pentium M / Celeron M
( Intel Celeron M 4xx series can't support )
One 184-pin DIMM socket
Support up to 1 GBytes DDR 266/333 SDRAM
 82855GME GMECH and 82801DB ICH4
Watchdog Timer
Programmable generates NMI or system reset watchdog timer
with 1 to 255 sec. / min. of time out value
Power Management
ACPI 1.0 compliant, supports power saving mode with ATX PSU
Real Time Clock
Intel ICH4 built-in RTC with onboard lithium battery
PCI Enhanced IDE
Dual UltraATA/100 bus master IDE channels
Support up to 4 ATAPI devices on 40-/44-pin IDE ports
Jumper selectable Vcc power output on 40-pin IDE1
for power cable free DiskOnModule flash disk
VGA Interface
Intel 855GME GMECH built-in Intel Extreme Graphics 2
with 266 MHz VGA core and 256-bit 3D engine
Intel Dynamic Video Memory up to 64 MB shared with system
External DB15 female connector on rear I/O panel
LVDS Interface
Intel 855GME GMECH built-in Intel Extreme Graphics 2
with onboard Chrontel CH7017A built-in LVDS transmitter
Resolution up to 1600 x 1200 @ 16M colors
Support 24-bit Dual channel LVDS TFT LCD
Onboard 20-pin Hirose DF13-20DP-1.25V connector
TV-out Interface
Intel 855GME GMECH built-in Intel Extreme Graphics 2
with MA-SDTV Mini-AGP add on card
LAN Interface
Intel 82541PI Giga Mbps Ethernet interface 
Audio Interface
Intel ICH4 with onboard ACL650 AC97 3D audio codec
5.1 channel, line-in, line-out, Mic-in, CD-in and S/P DIF interface
PCMCIA Interface
PCI RICOH R5C475II PCMCIA PC card / CardBus controller
Comply with PCMCIA V.2.10 and JEIDA 4.2 Specification
16-/32-bit data bus, support hot swap function
Mix and Match 5V/3.3V PC Card, 16/32 Card, 3.3 CardBus Card
One PCMCIA type-I/II slot
Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Intel ICH4 chipset built-in Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface
with 480 Mbps of data transfer rate and bootable setting in BIOS 
Multi-I/O Port
2 x COM port, 1 x parallel, 6 x USB 2.0, 1 x IrDA, 1 x FDD, 
1 x PS/2 keyboard and mouse port.
External I/O Port
Back panel : PS/2 keyboard and mouse port, VGA, parallel port, 
Dual COM port, Speaker-out, SPDIF, LAN, Dual USB2.0, 
DC power input.
Front panel : MIC, Line in & earphone or Central/Base, 
Rear & Front audio outputs and 2 x Dual USB port
Solid State Disk
CompactFlash Card
CompactFlash socket supports CompactFlash Card (CFC)
Support PIO mode 4 up to 16.6M Bytes of data transfer rate
Default setting as secondary IDE port at master mode
Bootable, driver free IDE-based flash disk
Flash memory capacity up to 1G Bytes (and beyond)
DiskOnModule Flash Disk
IDE-based, bootable, driver free DiskOnModule flash disk
PIO mode 4 with 16.6 Mbps of data transfer rate
Flash memory capacity up to 1GBytes (and beyond)
Expansive Slot
One 32-bit PCI slot supports 2 bus master PCI via riser card, 
and Mini-PCI or  Mini-AGP port can be used optionally.
   Power Requirement: Single 19V 6A DC input or 12V 10A DC input Board 
   Dimension (W x L): 170mm x 170mm with standard Mini-ITX form factor
   Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 60oC (32 ~ 140oF)


Download Datasheet @ PDF format


Ordering Guide

Mini-ITX Socket 479 Pentium M DDR Motherboard

with Intel 855GME & ICH4 Chipset .

Intel  Extreme Graphic 3D VGA, 24-bit Dual Channel LVDS interface

Intel Gigabit LAN, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 5.1-CH & S/P DIF Audio,

PCMCIA, Compact Flash and Mini-PCI socket


Same as above but change Mini PCI to Mini AGP


Same as above LV-671MP but without PCMCIA and CF interface

      LV-671NSMA Same as above LV-671MA but without PCMCIA and CF interface


Barebone system for LV-671 w/ 80W adapter, PCI riser card


AC-DC Adapter with 12V, 80W Mini DIN output

*The shipment excluded I/O panel


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