DVR system

COMMELLís DVR system provide high compression rate with good image quality and reduces the requirement of bandwidth during remote image transmission. The multi-server structure is an innovated design. Each SCode Server handles a regional network independently and can be linked with the SCode Central Server outwards

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PCI capture card

Full range PCI capture card , Including MPEG4 / H.264 hardware compression, MPEG4 Software compression, All of COMMELL's DVR cards have the same GUI and CMS software, Easy to learn / operation / Integration.

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Mini-PCIe video capture card

PCI Express Mini card, suitable for the applications that have limitation for physical/space issue. Support video inputs with hardware or software compression, OS supported included Windows and Linux, Software Develop Kit provide

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Mini-PCI capture card

Mini-PCI platform factor, suitable for the application that have limitation for physical issue, Support 1 ~ 16 channels video inputs with hardware or software compression, supported OS including Windows and Linux, Software Develop Kit provided.

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SCode DVR , CMS software

SCode can display 1/4/6/9/16/25/36/49/64 split windows. The date and time, the HDD status, and the working information are displayed in the user interface. Using an existing data network, the system can expand from a local point to a network system. This networking capability can link all SCode DVR to act as a single surveillance system. Using this remote access feature, user can construct a centralized security center.

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Introduce to SCode Video

SCode Video Surveillance System is a highly professional video surveillance application. In the last few years, digital video recorders (DVRís) became widely accepted by the market and customers want to have the capability of video surveillance over network.

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Why we offer Dual Video Streaming

In the DVR card market, there are 2 kinds of the hardware compression cards.                            

- One is Single-Video Streaming card.                                                                                   

- The other is Dual-Video Streaming card.

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