- COMMELL unveiled LS-37L 3.5" SBC based on "Coffee Lake-S" processors (2018.11.13)
- COMMELL unveiled FS-A79 PICMG1.3 SBC based on "Coffee Lake-S" processors (2018.10.26)
- COMMELL announced Mini-ITX LV-67X with the 8th Gen. Core processors (2018.08.10)
- COMMELL announced M.2(NGFF) Gigabit Ethernet Card & M.2 to Mini_PCIe adapter (2018.07.20)
- COMMELL announced a DC to DC converter DC-DC5 for LTPoE++ application (2018.01.31)    
- COMMELL announced its new PoE+ & LTPoE++ module (2017.12.06)
- COMMELL unveiled 5.25" LS-579 based on 6/7th Core Computers & Xeon Workstations(2017.11.22)
- COMMELL unveiled 3.5" SBC LS-37K based on 6/7th Core & Xeon Desktop processors(2017.10.03)
- COMMELL has released 5.25" LE-578 Network computer based on Apollo-Lake processors(2017.09.22)
- COMMELL expands LE-37I & LV-67R to 7th Gen Kaby Lake-H processors (2017.08.02)
- Now LV-67T,LE-37G,LP-175 supports 6th & 7th generation CPU (2017.07.21)
- COMMELL expands Apollo-Lake processors to Mini-ITX platform LV-67U(2017.06.23)
- COMMELL has launched Pico-ITX LP-150 based on RK3128 SoC (2017.06.02)
- Now AS-C7A and LV-67S support 6th & 7th generation CPU (2017.05.10)
- COMMELL has released Pico-ITX and 3.5" SBC based on Apollo-Lake processors (2017.04.14)
- New Mini-PCIe 1394b card MPX-2213 and New DP to LVDS adapter ADP-3460 (2017.03.28)
- COMMELL announced ADP-PD & ADP-PSE POE+ module (2017.02.08)
- COMMELL launches CMB-B72 fanless barebone based on Skylake-H(2017.01.12)
- COMMELL unveiled LE-37I 3.5-inch SBC based on Skylake-H processors(2016.10.12)
- COMMELL reveals HE-B72 PICMG 1.3 half-size based on Skylake-H processors(2016.08.29)
- COMMELL unveils new products based on Skylake-U processors(2016.08.03)
- COMMELL has launched Pico-ITX and 3.5" SBC based on Braswell SoC(2016.05.18)
- COMMELL reveals LV-67S & LV-67R Mini-ITX based on Skylake processors (2016.03.08)

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